Terms and Conditions

Onlynaija.com offers a range of services. Your use of Onlynaija is governed by the term of use. Once you use any of our services you automatically consent to our terms and conditions governing the site, if you do not wish to be bound by these terms or do not accept the terms and conditions please do exit. We therefore advise that you go through the terms governing this site before you go further to utilize our services provided.



Most features on this site require your registration or subscription. Registration of an individual’s personal data including name, email address, home address and phone number are required to set up an account with Onlynaija. These information must be properly and accurately filled and by registering, you agree that the information provided is accurate and will be updated regularly when there is any change as Onlynaija reserves the right to either accept, refuse or terminate membership based on the truthfulness of information provided.


A minor that is those under 18 years of age are not allowed to register on the site as a member. Parental guidance is necessary if transactions are to be made on Onlynaija as they can form legally binding contracts under the law. Onlynaija can decide to terminate membership of a minor without prior information or permission.


While using Onlynaija you are solely responsible for transactions that occur using your registered account therefore you bear full responsibility for protecting and securing your account details including your username and password. Security should be your watchword as you perform transactions online. If at any time Onlynaija notices some fraudulent transactions we can decide to suspend or terminate your account on Onlynaija and suspend further transactions on its site thereafter.


In order to serve you better we ensure our site is always accessible and we take measures to ensure information on onlynaija is accurate and true. Onlynaija reserves the right to terminate the service at anytime. If at any point there is an interruption in service availability,it is to allow for adjustments and improvement in the site and sometimes it may be due to factors beyond our control which will not last for long. Our phone lines are always open for inquiries, complaints and suggestions.


Once an order is placed,information is sent as to the availability of the product at a particular time, products that are out of season example fruits and some that are presently out of stock. Time of delivery of product and method of shipment is sent to the buyer to confirm availability and collection. We make effort to deliver products within the set time but sometimes delays may occur due to unforeseen occurrences. So if there is failure or delay in delivery Onlynaija will not be held liable if it does not occur due to our fault or negligence.


Onlynaija has the right to suspend or terminate delivery to a buyer if it is noticed that on more than 3 consecutive times products delivered to that particular buyer is returned due to unavailability of the buyer to pick up the product or giving of non-traceable or unavailable address to our courier service.


The price tags on products on onlynaija.com are not negotiable except for those who make bulk purchases. Onlynaija has the right to make changes in the price of products when necessary.


Risk of loss remains with Onlynaija as long as the product remains in the custody of onlynaija.com or has not been delivered to the buyer. Once the product gets to the buyer and is damaged after receiving it the risk of loss falls on the buyer. See our refund policy.


Onlynaija can terminate part or all your rights granted under the terms and condition of use with or without prior notice. Once this happens, you automatically cease access to our site. Password and account identification given to you by Onlynaija is revoked. If at any time you are dissatisfied or do not abide by Onlynaija terms of use feel free to discontinue the usage of our site.